End of the school year, the rushing hour!

Hello there,

The biggest part of the school year 2014-2015 just began on Monday and it will end in the middle of april (with the Ludum Dare 32 on April, 17th). A lot of thing are coming in the next weeks. If you are a little bit curious, maybe you saw that some projects are almost ended. And yes, it is the case. That is why I am writing a post about the stuffs which are coming soon!

Let’s begin with the big school year project : Implementation on GPU and optimization of some image processing algorithms (Since November 2014).
This project approaches its end (on April, 9th we got a meeting with the company named ADCIS) and the final oral presentation is planned on April, 10th in the side of ENSICAEN. We are currently writing the report (90% of is done) and we are starting the oral presentation. Which means a lot of work, because of the two orals which are coming next week! A post in this blog will close the project after April, 10th.

Another project is EasyLD! This project is not done and it will not be done before April, 17th because it is something I want to improve in the next following months. But I want to launch the first version before this date, to start LD32 with it. The remaining thing are the camera and the software for area animation! One will end before April, 10th and the other one (software) is planned for the week before the LD32 date. I am very proud of this framework and I hope it will be fine for LD. The problem is I haven’t really tested this framework. I just wrote some tests and it was ok. But maybe when I program a game, some bugs will be found. That’s why I need to test it before LD. Maybe during the holidays (starting on April, 10th).

Another ENSICAEN project is currently in development! An OpenGL game. The beginning was on March, 31st and the work is really huge. That is why EasyLD is frozen until I finish developing the OpenGL game . The problem is I am currently waiting for some parts of the game to continue to program the game (Camera for example, a big feature). It sounds possible I will need to take this task on my own if we have no commit about it from the guy who has to do it before tonight. I really love developing a game with OpenGL but I am stuck because I cannot program whole the game, even though I am able to do it. I have to share the work, for the sake of the group. That is why I will make an OpenGL game another time on my own after LD32. One thing to know, the end date is on April, 7th just a week after the beginning (And we currently have no camera. I am gonna be in a hurry during this weekend). (If the result of the game ends in a beautiful game, I will post it here, but if it’s not the case, I will make it better before this!)

So, as you can see, it will not be really easy for me to be the best on all of these projects. Moreover I have some exams during this week. Some of them are done easily enough. Two more tomorrow and I will be able to work on my projects!

Even though it is a really huge week for work, I am really happy to do it and I love it. I hope all of these projects will end as perfectly as possible! I will try! :D

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