First Quarter of 2015 : EasyLD Project

In the beginning of 2015, I was pretty busy with a lot of stuff (Mainly due to exams of the first semester). But in the middle of January, I worked on a schedule for my next projects. And since the end of January, I am on a “huge” project. This project is : “EasyLD”. What’s the goal?

EasyLD is a game framework to allow a programmer to develop a game as easily and quickly as possible using Löve2D or Drystal game engine. Both of these game engines are Lua game engines. Both of them are really awesome but they are lacking of some stuff to allow you to develop a game quickly. It’s perfectly normal because a game engine should allow to program anything you want and doesn’t force a way. That is why EasyLD is there. During the two previous LD, I was programming the same parts and using some redundant stuff each time. For example, for drawing a rectangle, you need to give the X,Y,Width,Height each time you want to draw a rectangle. EasyLD allows you to create a Box item and this Box item got a method to draw himself by himself.

EasyLD wants to have some other stuff which are not a programing feature like a Map Editor. That’s is why EasyLD is not really a game framework, but a lot of tools to program a game quickly.

To date, a lot of features was implemented :

* Map Editor
* Framework

For the framework part :

* Map / Tileset
* Matrix / Vector / Point
* Area (contains shapes)
* Shape (Area, Polygon, Box, Circle, Segment, Point)
* Collide (Area, Polygon, Box, Circle, Segment, Point)
* InputText
* Font
* Keyboard, Mouse
* Timer (callback)
* Flux (tweening)
* Sprite animation

All of these stuffs are currently working on the latest version available in my Github. Nevertheless, all of these classes can change in the future. The first version will be available a little bit before the next LudumDare (17 April). I hope this will be available by the end of March.

What’s next? Many other stuff are planned :

* Music/Sound manager
* Gravity / Friction / Speed
* A finalize version of Entity
* Camera
* Mapping (Move informations automatized)

After all of these stuff, I will try to see if I need some other features. For that, I will read the code of my previous Ludum Dare.
To keep you up to date with this project, here is my Github :

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