Welcome on my page! I am Gautier BOËDA, graduated since September 2016. Master’s degree in Computer Sciences specialized in Imaging and Multimedia (French name: Diplome d’ingenieur), Double degree: Master’s degree in Computer Sciences specialized in Image, language and information processing and classification (IMALANG). Currently part of the Vulcanus in Japan program: selection among European student (down to 40) in order to follow 4-month Japanese courses and do an 8-month internship at one of the best Japanese company. I had the luck to be selected by Square-Enix.

In this website, you can find some of my point of interest like game programming and Japanese animation.

Current Project:
– Mastering Japanese language (Goals: JLPT N2 + full oral ability + 2000 kanjis)

Hold-on project:

– Dark chronicle like Game (Since February 2015)
Ploucs Messenger (Since September 2015 (Pause))
EasyLD (Since February 2015 (Pause))

Here is the links of my internship:

– Internship at Force Field VR (6 months: March 2016 to August 2016) Netherlands – Video games, Virtual reality, Experience, Research
Hierarchical Multi-atlas method (3 months: May 2015 to August 2015) – NAIST, Nara, Japan – Imaging-based Computational Bio-medicine Laboratory.

Here is the links for my Ludum Dare participation (I was solo) (48h game jam):
#LD35 – Listen and Shift April 2016
#LD34 – Growing/Two buttons December 2015
#LD33 – You are the monster August 2015
#LD32 – An unconventional weapon April 2015
#LD31 – Entire Game on One Screen December 2015
#LD30 – Connected Worlds August 2014

A recap of Ludum Dare entries can be found here.

Here is the links of ENSICAEN projects:
5th year:
– A port of the Tesseract game to the Mobiliz (With a company named REALYZ (Virtual reality company)) (Oct-Feb 2015-2016)
– Cf Internship
4th year:
TunnelGL : Make an OpenGL game in a week : Team of ~3, 1 week (Role : developer)
EasyGame : Boardgame framework : Team of 4 members, 8 weeks (Role : Team manager) (Dec-Jan 2014-2015: Best framework of the promo 2016 ENSICAEN)
– Implementation on GPU and optimization of some image processing algorithms (With a company named ADCIS) (Oct-Apr 2014-2015)
3rd year:
Go game – 2 programmers for 2 months. (French) (Dec-Jan 2014)

Here is the links of some other projects:
#ChatSoftware – Ploucs Messenger : A chat application with the volunteer to be better than MSN/Steam chat (Since September 2015)
#Framework – EasyLD : A game development toolkit (Framework + Software) (For Löved2D or Drystal) (February – September (pause) 2015)
#LDShare1 – Non Linear Three Worlds (48h game jam, in a team of 4 friends) (French) (May 2014)

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