What’s new? Winter & Spring 2016

Hello everyone, the year 2016 has been pretty busy! The 3rd year at ENSICAEN was incredibly weirdly distributed. The work load was heavy from December to February. Because of that, I didn’t even have the time to work on my own project.

Good news everyone: I am free now!

To recapitulate the things I achieved from November until now, let’s take a look at this period!
In November, I started to work a lot on my Japanese in order to pass the December JLPT N3 exam. Just a month ago, the results were available and “” was written on the paper! A success which leads me to take the Japanese language learning even more seriously. おめでとうございます! I am intending to take the JLPT N2 exam at Leiden, Netherlands on July 2016.

More over, as part of my final year of Master’s degree, I had to find a 6-month internship. I started to search one that will link my both passions: Games and Japan, and ended by being troubled by the difficulty to find an internship in Japan. Indeed, the definition of internship is not that present in this country and the answers I got wanted a one-year internship instead of 6-month (a bit too short). Despite that, I decided to find an internship in a European video games company. I finally found it at Vanguard Games. I am then, since March 1st, working at Vanguard Games in the Netherlands in an amazing team on a virtual reality game using HTC Vive VR helmet! I am really happy to be there and I am giving everything that I can to make this internship perfect for both me and Vanguard Games. Example of their famous games: Halo Spartan strike, Halo Spartan assault, Base busters and Greed CORP!

Also, I wrote a new little algorithm to generate a dungeon that will be as close as the ones in the Dark Chronicle game. I used Unity as a support to see the result in 3D, and the result is quite interesting!

Random Dungeon Generator

The code is available at https://github.com/Goutye/RDG but you will need some assets. The next goal is to make a game with it, but currently involved with the learning of Unreal Engine for Vanguard Games! A game like Dark Chronicle is something that I am aiming in the end, but will take a lot of time!

At last, I will participate in the next Ludum Dare event on April. I will certainly use Unreal Engine or Unity, depending on the situation. There is a possibility that I will aim the 72 hours format to allow me to use assets and have a better game. We will see!

See you soon for the recap’ of my last Ludum Dare game!